Primo FAQ

How does the Primo delivery process work?
The delivery process works in 4 simple steps:

  1. Register & Login
  2. Submit a valid ID & certification credentials via email, text, or
  3. Browse Primo’s shop, select medication to purchase, and then checkout. You can also call or text order to 800-963-1327.
  4. You will receive a text with your delivery driver’s tracking information to follow your order to your door.
  5. Meet . No other person but patient can pay for order.
How do I submit my medical marijuana credentials to Primo?

You can submit your credentials through our online new patient form along with your required registration information. You can also email or text images of your credentials send them to: 800-963-1327.

What is your delivery area?

Please see our delivery area map link.

Do I need to Medical Marijuana Card?

Yes. You will need a valid medical marijuana certification and a State ID/Passport.

How do I get certified as a Medical Marihuana Patient?

You can get one from a qualified medical marijuana doctor. We can recommend a certifying physician. Ask to schedule an appointment when you call in.

I don’t have my card yet, Do you accept Medical Marijuana Certification paperwork?

Yes, Valid certification, with certified mail receipt, and/or verified cashed money order or check.

Can I place an order in advance?

Yes. We offer scheduled and recurring deliveries 7 days per week.

Do you deliver to other addresses/places besides the one listed on my ID?

We will deliver to other addresses and places besides the one listed on your credentials. The registered patient must present credentials, receive & pay for the order.

Do you ever deliver outside your area?

We will make some exceptions and deliver outside of our standard delivery area. Additional delivery cost may apply. Please contact us.

Do you deliver to patients visiting from out of state?

All reciprocal state certifications are accepted.

How can I track my delivery?

Delivery tracking information will be sent to you via text shortly after you confirm your order. This information will allow you to view your driver’s details, contact him/her, and track their current location until delivery complete.

How long will my delivery take?

With each order you will receive a delivery confirmation text that will present an estimated time of arrival and allow you to track your driver to the delivery destination. We aim to complete between 30-60 min max time period.

Can I contact the driver during delivery?

Yes. You will receive a text once your delivery is on the way. This text will allow you to call or text your delivery driver.

Is there a minimum amount to order?

The minimum order for a delivery is $50.

How much is the delivery fee?

First time patients will receive $5 off first delivery. After that you will be charge according to your delivery zone.

Which payments methods are accepted?

Primo accepts cash on delivery (COD) and Credit Card purchases. If you are interested in using your credit card please contact us at 800-963-1327!

What are the credit card stipulations?
There will be a $3.00 convenience

Do your drivers carry change?


Who must be present to accept the delivery?

The qualified medical marijuana patient who placed the order must be present with both their medical marijuana card and ID.

I placed the wrong order how do I cancel it?

If you placed the wrong order or no longer want to receive an order please contact us ASAP at 800-963-1327. You will also be able to call or text your driver through your order confirmation text and let them know you want to cancel your order.

What if I received the wrong order or wrong weight / order?
  • If you received the wrong order, please do not consume or use anything. Contact us and we will reprocess your order 1-800-963-1327.