Special Programs

Our patients are our first priority over at Primo Medicals. From the time you sign up as a first patient to the receiving your delivery at your door. We want to make sure our patients have the best possible experience.

To help further this experience we have developed several programs for our patients.  Below you can find more information about each program and how you can be a part of them.

First Time Patient Program
You will receive several benefits when you sign up as a first time patient with Primo. All first time patients will receive $5 off their delivery fee and a first time patient kit.

The first time patient kit includes a FREE $10 gram, a lighter, pack of papers, and some other goodies.

All first time patient qualify for this program. All you simply have to do is place your first order with us!

Primo Text Program
If you want to stay in touch with all the Primo deals and daily specials, then you are going to want to join our text program.  Just fill out the form below and you will be added to the Text Program:

Referral Program 
Once you are a Primo patient we want to reward you for telling your friends and fellow patients about us. So for every patient you refer to us you will receive TWO free grams.

Just have the patient mention your name during the sign-up process. There’s a place for it on the first time patient form and they can include it with their order notes at checkout.

If for some reason you forget  you can contact us and let us know who referred you.

Caregiver Program 
If you are a caregiver and are interested in scheduling bulk orders, then the Caregiver Program is for you. You can contact us and let us know your interest in the program and a Primo representative will be in touch.