Primo Delivery Area Breakdown

Primo Delivery MapDelivery Area Breakdown

We understand the access to medical marijuana is limited. Especially, if you are unable to leave home or don’t have transportation available.

Primo Medicals offers safe, reliable and fast medical marijuana delivery to the an extended delivery zone. Our delivery is broken down to 5 delivery zones to accommodate patients from all over Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties.

Our delivery fee depends on the delivery zone. First time delivery is $5.00 off! Use promo code “my primo” at checkout for free delivery. Tips are welcomed but never expected.

  • Zone 1: Delivery Fee – $5.00
  • Zone 2: Delivery Fee – $5.00
  • Zone 3: Delivery Fee – $5.00
  • Zone 4: Delivery Fee – $10.00
  • Zone 5: Delivery Fee – $10.00
  • We do deliver past our Zone 5 for an additional charge

In order to qualify for Primo Medicals Delivery Service you must meet the following criteria:

  • Qualified medical marijuana patient:
    • We do accept out of state patients. All med cards/paperwork must match state ID/passport.
    • Valid state ID and/or passport
    • Valid shipping address

Once you register as a patient, you will only be required to show a driver license and your MMMP card at time of each delivery.

If you have any questions about our delivery zones and fees please feel free to contact us.