About Primo

Primo Medicals Delivery was started with the mission to provide fast, convenient, and reliable medical marijuana delivery service. Our passion not only shows in the quality of our services, but also in the quality of medications and products we provide.

Why Choose Primo?
We understand your travel restrictions and the need for quality medical marijuana, which is why we take pride in offering the compassion and convenience you deserve.

Quality Medication
We work with professional certified caregivers to provide the highest quality and a wide variety of medical marijuana products. We have an extensive menu that consists of all lab tested flower, concentrates, edibles and other various products.

Live Delivery Tracking
Primo offers you the ability to live track your order from the time your order is confirmed to your door step. Once your order is received by Primo we will fulfill the order for our driver and send you a confirmation text. This text will display a link that will allow you to track your driver via a GPS map!

Online Ordering & Delivery
No phone calls or text necessary! We offer our full menu to be ordered right off our website. Just like any other eCommerce website you can select your options and checkout through our online shopping cart. Once your order is confirmed with the Primo staff you will receive a text letting you know your delivery is on the way!

Superior Customer Service & Professionalism
Primo Medicals prides themselves on their superior customer service and experience. Every primo dispatch and patient consultant is an expert in medical marijuana and it’s use for patients. Patients always come first with Primo and our patient consultant team.

We are here to serve you, for any questions or comments please call directly at 1 (800) 963-1327 or text (248) 254-2127